Rapper Daz Dillinger has sent Rockstar a ‘cease and desist’ letter after they used two songs of his is Grand Theft Auto V without paying him.

In a report by TMZ, the rapper sent the letter to Rockstar and Take-Two after they included two of his tracks “C-Walk” and “Nothin’ But the Cavi Hit”, despite him turning down what he claims was an “offensively low offer of $4,271.00 for both songs.” The two songs can be heard on the radio station West Coast Classics, which features classic hip hop and rap tracks.

The former member of Tha Dogg Pound has issued an ultimatum for the companies: either they make him a better offer or…wait for it…recall and destroy all unsold copies of GTA V.

Considering the phenomenon of GTA V, which took only three weeks to beat it predecessor GTA IV’s lifetime sales total, and currently holds seven Guinness World Records it seems majorly unlikely that Rockstar would even consider this option, especially when you consider just how many unsold copies are in shops around the world.

Dillinger told TMZ that the move was about “”respecting an artist’s work. Rockstar didn’t do that here and I can’t let them get away with it.”

Dillinger has given Take-Two and Rockstar 14 days to comply with his requests or make a deal with him for the two songs.

If you were Rockstar how would you deal with this? There are some alternatives at their disposal without going for the unthinkable option. Would you give Dillinger more money?  Patch the songs out of the game? I’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

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