Now that GTA Online has been launched, one of the biggest questions we had in GTA 5 moves to the online world: How to make money fast and easy? Just like always, we are here to help you with that and below you can check out our guide on how to make money fast and easy in GTA Online!

1. Bank your money
I know that this is not really a “how to make money” method, but it sure helps you not to lose a ton of money! In GTA Online, if you die, you also lose the money that you’re carrying, which means that you should also transfer your funds to your bank account. Now most people will go to an ATM machine, but you can play it smart and use your in-game smartphone to deposit your money into your bank account nice and easy!

2. Rob players near ATMs
This goes hand in hand with what we learned above: most players (at least for now) will go to ATM machines to deposit their money. Just be there with your gang and take them out for some easy money!

3. Rob stores via helicopter
I’m not sure if this is something Rockstar will fix, but right now you can get an helicopter from the airport through the fence near the flight school and from there on, you have an easy ride for robbery and escaping police. Simply fly your helicopter near a store (but make sure you’re not straight in the shooting line of the store owner) and rob that store. Not only that you’ll earn the money from the robbery, but with the helicopter you will easily escape the cops, which will earn you bonus XP. If you don’t go the helicopter way and even if you do, make sure to always wear a mask otherwise the owner will remember you.

4. Steal and sell cars
Another really easy way to bag some free money in GTA Online is to steal a car (make sure it’s not a premium one) and sell it to the Los Santos Customs. Go for a better car and you can earn 4 figures every 48 minutes (as you can only sell 1 car per in-game day).

5. Get cars for Simeon
For even more money, you will get jobs from Simeon who also needs some specific cars. Make sure to check out smartphone’s text messages for details on the jobs.

6. Become a professional killer
Not that easy because people won’t fall easily, but still a method to make some quick money in Grand Theft Auto Online: head to the red dots on the minimap and kill the marked people for a bounty. If you can do it!

And these would be, for now, our tips and tricks on how to make money fast in GTA Online. Do you have other methods? Let us know by commenting below.