GTA Online flight suitRockstar has released the latest update for GTA Online, entitled San Andreas Flight School.

This latest update (1.16) unsurprisingly focuses on the air, with a number of new modes of air transport being introduced for the update. This includes the Western Besra training jet, a new helicopter called the Swift and a luxury 16-seater Buckingham Mil-Jet.

Cars are not completely forgotten about though, with the Invetero Coquette Classic arriving in the update, available as either a hard-top or a convertible roadster variant.

There are 10 new solo missions, which Rockstar teased as putting you through combat maneuvering, formation flying and some low flying challenges, amongst others. Three new VS missions have also been added:

  • Acquire Targets: A kill-the-carrier mode where players fight in P996 Lazers to hold a single flag for the longest time.
  • G-Rating: Players compete against each other in the air to pick up 15 flags spread across both weapons hot and cold environments.
  • Air Force Zero: One team is tasked with defending an aircraft as another team tries to stop it from reaching its LZ.

New clothing is also inbound, with the Flight Suit now available, and an array of new designs for your parachute and parachute bag. You can now also get a reserve chute in case you made a mistake with the first.

Finally, a few tweaks have been made, including rebalancing the money and RP rewards for missions so that the harder ones get a larger pay-out and money earned is not reduced when you replay a mission. There is also a cash boost when you complete a mission with other players.

A full list of changes made can be found on Rockstar’s website. You can also see the trailer for the update below:

What are your thoughts on this latest update?