Gran TurismoGran Turismo 6, the latest entry in the long running Playstation car racing series, is set to launch in just a few days- December 6th to be exact. The game will also mark the first time a GT game will have a microtransaction system built within; much to the dismay of fans. In just two days before the game’s launch, Sony has provided details on exactly what type of microtransactions will exist in the title.

They’ll revolve around credits as players will be able to buy these in-game currency in increments, with a minimum of 500,000 credits being sold. Credits are usually earned by playing the game, more specifically competing in races, completing challenges, etc.

“Users have the optional choice to purchase in-game credits in increments of 500,000 through the PS Store to unlock content faster if they prefer to do that rather than earn them through gameplay,” Sony said. “We do not require players to purchase or use purchased in-game currency.”

Here’s the full pricing list

500,000 credits – $4.99

1,000,000 credits – $9.99

2,500,000 credits – $19.99

7,500,000 credits – $49.99

A YouTube video leak has also revealed that game’s most expensive car, the Jaguar XJ1, will cost 20 million credits or $130. This information comes from an early code of the game, so therefore might not represent the actual pricing but we shouldn’t expect it to change much. GT6 follows Forza 5’s controversial Xbox One debut a couple of weeks ago. The game also contains the same microtransaction business practices and dismayed fans so much that the developer, Turn 10, implemented a couple of changes.

Gran Turismo 6 is a PS3 exclusive and will arrive on December 6th, worldwide.

(Via: Gamespot)