Swordigo is that kind of game that makes you think back at classic games – like the Zelda series – without actually having you say that it tries to steal or get some sales on the back of the given game. No, Swordigo manages to be a game on its own, a solid and amazing experience that will have you asking for more.

The story is pretty simple in this game: your master has disappeared and in order to find him, you need to find an enchanted sword first. This is how your adventure begins and along the way you will have to get past a lot of obstacles and banish tons of enemies.

With RPG elements mixed in the nice blend, Swordigo always manages to bring something new into play (even if sometimes just variations of enemies) and keeps you entertained all the way. Even though your adventure to find the enchanted sword won’t be a very long one, it will be incredibly intense, fast paced and not just sometimes difficult. You will gain experience, solve interesting puzzles and have fun defeating awesome bosses in an experience you will simply never forget!

So if you’re up for a challenge and an overall amazing RPG Platformer title that will make you think about the classics, then you certainly want to play Swordigo – so go get it from the App Store right away!