black-incIf you felt like PC gaming had too few off-road racing games on offer, some diversity will be added by Fireburst, an Unreal Engine 3 off-road racing title developed by German publisher Black Inc. The game promises to be, obviously, extremely hot and we can only take Black Inc’s word on it, since no screenshots or gameplay footage has been released.

“With Fireburst, we have reached a new dimension in the racing game genre,” said Birgit Hönsch, divisional manager of Games Publishing & Licensing. “This is largely due to the innovative boost system which allows players to attack and destroy opponents’ cars in different ways. Our executive producer Rupert Easterbrook, whose many years of experience in the games industry proved to be a perfect asset to our project, is providing immense support in the development of this game. The production staff and I are proud to have Rupert on board as a producer who already successfully handled projects for major international companies in the sector, such as Electronic Arts, Sony, Take 2, or Sega.”

However, we do know that Fireburst will indeed allow you to destroy rival racers’ cars with bursts of fire, you’ll have a wide variety of cars to choose from and 20 tracks to test your skills on, so we might be up for a really high quality racing game. We’ll keep you updated with some screens to draw a conclusion as soon as we have them.