salvo-screenIt appears that Salvo has been out for some time, but only now I hear about the game, which seems to be a really high quality turn based naval battle strategy. Developed by SprueGames and published by Shrapnel Games, Salvo can now be downloaded directly to your hard drive from the game’s official website.

Salvo is set in the “classic” era of naval battles (17th, 18th and 19th century), before the torpedoes and battlecruisers. You can choose between the government forces of the pirates and battle on the seas like the best admirals did.

Salvo supports both single and multi-player gameplay and, along a wide variety of ships, it offers players the chance to create and design their own, for infinite replayability. Even more interesting – for the nostalgics, at least – is the fact that one of the supported multiplayer modes in Salvo is play-by-email. Now when was the last time when you took advantage of this mode?

If you feel like checking out Salvo, visit the link above to the game’s official website and prepare to spend $39.95 for this solid naval battle strategy game! Of course, you can also download a demo first from the website, too!