max-payne3Highly anticipated (even without Olga Kurylenko anywhere near), Rockstar’s Max Payne 3 has been quite a mystery until now. The next issue of Game Informer magazine, though, will feature a full article on the upcoming first person shooter and, as it usually happens, some details and even the image to the left have been leaked.

According to a posting on Deeko, the new Max is now “bald, bearded and addicted to pain killers” – which is a really nice approach to the character: a welcomed change, indeed! Max Payne is now living and struggling in Sao Paulo, Brazil which apparently will be the setting for tons of urban battles in which the classic Bullet Time will be back (and more violent than ever), as well as new additions like cover system and day/night cycles. We still don’t know how will this last detail influence the gameplay, but it sure sounds interesting!

However, one of the most exciting details regarding Max Payne 3 is that it will feature a multiplayer mode as well: no mentions regarding a co-op mode were made, but we might have something. We’ll see for ourselves when the July issue of Game Informer hits the stands. Until then… we can rest assured that Max Payne 3 will indeed be a great FPS.