sophie-inzaneProfessional gaming is becoming more popular nowadays, especially since making money is no longer as easy as it used to be. SK-Gaming has word about a 17 year old Swedish girl, Sophie “inzane” Regnér, who decided to quit school in order to pursue her “career” as a Counter-Strike player. Insane, right?

Well, not really: she is part of a really hot (and probably skilled) crew, the Pink Zinic ladies, who are preparing for the upcoming DreamHack Summer Qualifier which could bring the best Counter Strike players prizes of a bit over $13,000. Now that’s something worth playing for!

Of course, Sophie Regnér isn’t only focusing on playing Counter Strike and chatting with kids her age all the time. She is also a model “for a friend,” whatever that means. Since we’re mean, and since she’s hot, we tend to involve some really nasty things with this details. But since she’s just 17, she’s certainly just modelling and playing Counter Strike. More of her beauty and words in the video on SKG. I am personally waiting for the first “Hello Kitty” pro player to quit school in order to do… whatever you have to do in Hello Kitty Online to win money.