Candella found a really nice name for their upcoming racing/driving game: Cargasm and even better for the fans of the genre, it appears that it’s quite a bit more than an exciting name. So read on to find out all the details about the upcoming game from Candella!

The developers promise that Cargasm will deliver the most photorealistic levels in the history of videogames (with the stages in central London, which have been created using using laser scanning), plus photorealistic real-world locations such as San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Egypt, Switzerland and Mount Kilmanjaro. So if you can’t do the racing in real life, it appears that Cargasm is the closest thing you’ll have to reality – at least when it comes to visuals!

During races, players will be constantly exhorted to go faster by a bevy of Cargasm Girls. If they are fast enough, players can collect these ravishing maidens for their own personal Cargasm Harem. As the players win races, new cars, Ecstasy points and trophies can also be unlocked and uploaded to an online global leaderboard.

The trophies that can be won include Cargasm Rave, Thrust, Lesbos, Orgy, Gigolo, Lothario, Playboy and the most coveted of all, Cargasm Sultan. Which probably means that the game won’t be quite suitable for young audiences…

But we have to wait and see – the gameplay is one very important factor in racing games and for now the developers have said nothing about it. However, since the game has no potential release date set yet, it means that they have a lot of time to tweak and polish and deliver, eventually, a really solid game. So keep your eyes open for Cargasm!