Now that Starcraft II has been released and all the madness and hype has gone (not because we’re talking about a poor game, but because everybody is playing it), it’s time to focus our attention on what could be the biggest PC launch ever: Diablo III. Ther RPG is still in development, but Blizzard has released enough information so we can create a preview of four of the five Diablo III Characters: the Barbarian, the Monk, the Witch Doctor and the Wizard. So let’s see what makes each of these characters special!

Diablo III Character – the Barbarian

For those who prefer raw, brutal power, the Diablo III Barbarian is the perfect choice – the only character class that was also present in Diablo II. The Barbarian is big, slow and powerful. The character lacks finesse and agility but compensates with armor and raw strength. Not good with ranged attacks and a complete stranger to magic, the Diablo III Barbarian come with the following special moves:

– Cleave: the basic “sweeping everything in front of you” attack.
– Leap: Barbarians can jump. And cause a lot of damage when they land!
– Seismic Slam: an earthquake of small proportions (but still VERY destructive for the enemies!) that tends to leave nobody breathing…
– Group Stomp: enemies become sitting ducks after being paralyzed with this special move.
– Whirlwind: probably the most spectacular and destructive of them all. A whirlwind that leaves no enemy intact!

Here is a video showing you the destructive power the Barbarian has in Diablo III:

Diablo III Character – the Monk

I personally enjoy the Monk the best and so do most of the fans of the game. It seems to be a mix between the Diablo II Amazon and Paladin, the Monk is a close range fighter that seems to be a bit more advanced when compared to the Barbarian. Here are the special abilities of the Monk:

– Crippling Wave: a basic attack that sends electric energy to the enemies
Impenetrable Defense: ranged attacks are deflected back to the attacker
– Exploding Palm: sounds like a Kung Fu technique, but it’s probably better: a havoc-wrecking one strike that has the chance to destroy a single enemy
– Seven-Sided Strike: the name says it all: a multi-sided attack best used for groups of enemies
– Way of the Hundred Fists: if there’s an enemy in front of the Monk when this attack is initiated, it will certainly become a heavily injured one!
– Radiant Visage: all enemies around go blind, becoming easy targets for any attacker
– Inner Sanctuary: creates an impenetrable shield in front of the monk

If you’re curious to see some of these moves, check out a Diablo III Monk gameplay trailer:

Diablo III Character: the Wizard

Probably the most “traditional” character class in the game, the Wizard is expert with magic but vulnerable to close-ranged combat. The Wizard knows (or can learn) a ton of magic spells and techniques to protect its own skin and destroy the enemies. Amongst the spells and techinques the Wizard can learn we have: Spectral Blade, Stone Skin, Mirror Image, Conjured Armor, Conjured Health, Armor Piercing, Thunderstrike, Lighting Speed, Ray of Frost, Tornado and a ton more! You can even specialize the Wizard for attack or defense, which will certainly make the Wizard a great choice for hardcore players!

Here is a video showing some of the skills of the Diablo III Wizard:

Diablo III Character – Witch Doctor

A mix between the Necromancer and the Wizard, the Witch Doctor is my second favorite character after the monk. That is because it seems to come with a solid balance of spells that can spread confusion through the enemy hordes and summoning abilities – and who doesn’t agree that the best fight is that you don’t have to physically take part in? Here are some of the special abilities of the Witch Doctor:

– Firebomb: a fireball that spreads damage to a small area
– Horrify: enemies will run away in fear, becoming easy targets
– Locust Swarm: swarms of locusts are summoned to devour the enemies
– Soul Harvest: destroys enemies in an area, returning energy to the Witch Doctor
– Plague of Toads: cutest little spiders walk towards enemies, poisoning them and leaving trails of poison on their way
– Wall of Zombies: similar in concept with the Necromance’s bone wall in Diablo II, this wall is a lot cooler since it’s made of zombies!

Here is a video to show you some of the amazingness to be expected from the Diablo III Witch Doctor:

Which of these characters is your favorite?