teenagentEven though CD Projekt’s Good Old Games game download portal has been up for less than six months, the folks over there wasted no time and filled it with quality classic titles – all DRM free and beautiful. However, they seem to know that we all love a gift every now and then, and they have decided to offer us one right now, with the upload of the 100th game on the site!

In other words, this 100th title can be downloaded for free. It’s a classic point and click adventure game released in 1994 – that time when adventure games were still rocking. It’s called Teenagent and it was developed by Metropolis Software and, if you haven’t played it or if you feel like trying it again, you can do so for free if you download it from the GoG website.

Also, the 101st title was uploaded, but this is no longer a free one. It’s still a high quality game – 1999’s Septerra Core RPG, which can be purchased for $5.99. And this is, obviously, just the beginning. We’re sure that Good Old Games has even more pleasant surprises prepared for us! But until then, if you’re a point and click adventure game fan, you can check out our own list of free adventure games.