dead-rising-2Remember the news I brought you a couple of days ago regarding the announced Dead Rising 2 multiplayer and how happy I was considering that it’s going to be a co-op mode that will let you blast 6,000 zombies at a time (or something like that)? Well.. it appears that, actually, Dead Rising 2 will have NO multiplayer and it was nothing but a misunderstanding.

Laura Scholl, producer of the game’s technology, mixed terms a little bit (or so she claims) and, instead of ?multiplatform? since Dead Rising 2 will be multiplatform, went for the more convenient ?multiplayer?. Sad…

“In my ‘During the Dead Rising 2’ presentation at GDC this past Friday, while I was describing how Blue Castle is using mental mill technology in character development, I mistakenly referred to the game as multiplayer instead of multiplatform. I apologize for the confusion,” Scholl said to IGN.

So, unfortunately, it appears that the game will not have a multiplayer mode. Nor more. Hopefully that’s a confusion, too.