yogaIf you were wondering what type of game was Nintendo’s Wii missing, let me tell you: a Yoga game! JoWood will change things around, though, as they’re preparing to release such a game for the Wii in October. And hopefully this will be the last in the “series” of strange, useless games for the Wii.

With an awesomely smart title (Yoga for Wii), JoWood’s game will combine the balance board and the Wiimote to record how well you perform your daily tasks, tutor you through your daily schedule and welcome to your house a virtual guru who will (or will not) help you. For me, it sounds just like another Wii Sports or the upcoming EA Sports Active game. In other words, not too much. But, probably, for those who don’t have too much time to go outside for a healthier dose of jogging or exercise, it will clearly be one of the better options. Alongside the aforementioned titles, of course.