dead_risingWhen the dead will be rising again (just virtually, thankfully!) in Dead Rising 2, prepare to be amazed as Blue Castle Games prepares to deliver up to 6,000 zombies on-screen at one time which, in other words, is “totally awesome”. Except for that, the developers will include a multiplayer mode, since surviving by yourself is not as cool as surviving in a team, right?

Strangely, these “up to 6,000” zombies on the screen at one time were only mentioned together with the multiplayer mode during this year’s GDC, but I doubt that the single player experience would not include just as many brain eating creatures. Also, as IGN reports, no further details on this multiplayer mode were given, but we would be tempted to believe it will be a co-op mode. Unless Capcom plans to turn us into some of the zombies on-screen, which in this case doesn’t sound like the best idea.

Either way, it is clear that we have some solid reasons to keep our eyes open for Dead Rising 2 and more details – we’ll keep you posted!