Xbox One A brave Xbox One customer has found an unconventional way to fix the lingering Xbox One disc drive problem that has been plaguing a number of launch consoles. YouTuber “dave d” has published a video showcasing exactly how he managed to fix the issue. You just need to simply flip the system upside down and “give it a couple of hard whacks”. 

“dave d” first discovered the method on the Xbox support forums. Some users on the forums originally said to slam the entire console several times, but “dave d” opted to do that. Instead he flipped the system upside down, and gave it a couple of healthy whacks right above the Blu Ray disc drive, and it apparently fixed the problem. There seemed to be a gear that wasn’t aligned properly and getting physical with the system is one way to realign it.

However, “dave d” did state he already had a replaceable console being shipped out him in a couple of days so he took the risk with the system he currently had. It is strongly adviced for consumers to not try this method, at least until they can guarantee a replaceable console being shipped to them.

Microsoft also stated yesterday that they’ll be providing one free game out of the first-party titles for affected Xbox One players.