We don’t like spreading rumors around, but this one is huge: Peter Molyneux, the famed game designer and Lionhead boss, might have just spilled the beans about upcoming Microsoft plans to launch fully downloadable games for the Xbox 360 – and we’re talking about massive, next-gen titles like Fable II, not XBLA titles.

Molyneux, while talking with Games Industry about the possibility of seeing Fable II as full DLC in the near future, said: “I think it would be a great thing for this studio to work on,” but added quickly “I can’t say anything else on it – I would be killed to death.”

And that last bit kind of makes things very clear: at least Fable II will be made available as a full download – but if that happens, it’s crystal clear that Microsoft won’t stop there. Now, going even further with the analysis, we could even estimate that some bigged hard disk drives are being prepared for the Xbox 360, so the whole Jasper thing was just the little bit to start the whole process of changes.

However, as you probably imagine, Microsoft did not officially confirm any of these rumors, so take them with a pinch of salt. But I have a feeling that Molyneux simply spilled the beans again and we’re going to see full downloadable Xbox 360 games in the future.


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