Funny Band is a music game. Funny Band is a Guitar Hero – Rock Band rip-off. Funny Band is developed by Korean company 3D-OZ (or G Star, God knows!). Funny Band is indeed funny, at least when it comes to press releases – if you remember and enjoy the Enrgish brought by old Japanese games, and if you still have a poster with “all your base are belong to us”, then you’ll absolutely love the official presentation of the game!

So, according to the developers, Funny Band “will be loved by dance game to lots of users who just fall in to rhythm game.” Also, the game will come with a controller that simply mixes the guitar from GH with the drums from RB (as you can see in the upper left corner) – and we simply can’t decide if the controller itself is hilarious or just its description: “the multi controller for conquer Europe and northern America is going to have a huge boom to users who know the touching sense in rhythm music.”

And, as the cherry on top, the press release quotes a “Person” from the developing company. Really! We’re not told the “person’s” name, we don’t know if it’s the CEO or the cleaner, we only know they are “Person from 3D-OZ”. However, after reading another bit of Engrish, we don’t even care: “we are going to listen various voices from users through G star experience session so the game is going to be innovated more high quality music game. Also, it is going to be a real music game that users can be participated and making together,” says the Person.

Told you Funny Band is funny! Unfortunately, that’s about all the information we managed to decipher from the press release…