During a weekly Q&A with the LittleBigPlanet on the PlayStation Blog, LBP producer that goes by the nickname “efong” offered some really valuable information but by far the most important is the quick note about an upcoming “significant patch” for Media Molecule’s game – confirming previous rumors stating that such a patch was in the works.

The announcement was not made in the main Q&A article but as an answer to one of the posted comments and details barely exist. Efong only said: “Yup, we’re working on a fairly significant patch. Hope to have an update for everyone soon. Keep checking back” He also went on to say that “new levels have been in the works for a while (but require a lot of testing/fixing/balancing)” but they will come “VERY soon…biting my tongue soon..” along with new content.

So it all seems to be going well for LBP, hopefully the details and the patch itself will hit the PS3s soon enough, so gamers can enjoy even more of the beloved SackBoy. Stay tuned with Unigamesity if you want to be the first one to find out details about the upcoming patch or other new LBP content.


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