Project Monarch is a MMO role playing game developed by Korean company Maius Games with only one goal in mind: to offer intense, high quality action to all PC owners, no matter if they have the best PC in the world or a low-end, a couple of years-old computer. And if they manage to do that, we will certainly have a few reasons for joy this Christmas.

Project Monarch also plans to implement a few things you will not see in your regular RPG, like a character growth varying according to which kind of skill-related quest you choose in-game. Furthermore, along with realistic siege warfare using a wide range of siege weapons, you can also engage in community and economic activities through the tax income from managing the area. And if that’s not enough for you, the combat system promises to be fast and dynamic – to always keep you hooked!

Although there was no release date announced for the game, the Korean developers promised a gameplay video “very soon” so all we can do now is wait and hope that at least half of the promises made regarding Project Monarch will become reality.