Free Xbox Live Avatar Clothes Released

Free Xbox Live Avatar Clothes Released

avatarAnother gift from Microsoft is available to all Xbox Live users: 11 new avatar clothes which are offered for free! It is a selection of everyday work clothes so you should not expect anything too fancy, but I do believe that since free is a great price, nobody should complain!

The newly released free clothes for your avatar are already waiting in your closet, so you don’t need to download anything. However, if you’re curious, here are the clothes you’ll be able to try on and wear for free:

For Boys:
– Striped Polo Shirt
– Striped Jacket with Polo
– Checked Jacket with Polo
– Open Neck Cardigan
– Embroidered Pants
– Suspenders with Hi Pants

For Girls:
– Hacking Jacket
– Chinos with Belt
– Rainy Day Boots
– Scarlet Pumps
– Lavender Polo Shirt