psp_finalfantAlthough Sony keeps saying that there are no plans for a new PlayStation Portable at the moment, the number of rumors regarding a new handheld from Sony are increasing. The last one comes via Kotaku and if it is real (which I totally doubt), it means that a PSP2 is clearly in the works. However, as I said, do take the following rumor with a big pinch of salt.

So, according to Kotaku, one of their readers had forwarded a Sony survey asking gamers about new features of the upcoming PSP. If true, the company plans to introduce a host of new features, including touchscreen functionality, built-in GPS features and internal data storage – to name the most important. Other features specified in the rumored survey refer to the following features of a new PSP:

– Was smaller, yet retained most of the current PSP’s screen size
– Offered social networking functionality on the XMB
– Included a keyboard for easer internet browsing and communication
– Offered Bluetooth wireless support for easy pairing with other devices
– Had an improved screen for more dynamic graphic displays
– Offered the ability to find others near you who want to connect for online gaming
– Offered an e-comic/book download service through the PlayStation Network

It would be nice to know that a future PlayStation Portable would be much improved compared to the current one, but since for now the survey was only reported by one person, we can’t consider it anything but speculation.