Created by Box Top Games, Bullet Train is a pretty fun indie first person shooter title that literary climbs you on top of a cargo train in a fantasy setting and challenges you to defend the cargo at all costs, blasting away all the critters that try to get on board uninvited. Bullet Train is available for download for free, which makes it an even better game than it is!

Run up and down the train fighting off tumbleweed spiders and rock titans to try and keep your cargo in prime condition. At each station you reach you will be able to buy new weapons and upgrades as well as place turrets along the side of your train. You can use the turrets yourself to get right in on the action or just sit back and let your turret army take care of some of those critters for you.

The visuals of the game make me remember the classic XIII game (which means that it looks as if the entire action takes place in a comic book) and even though there are no monsters like the ones we’re used to killing in regular first person shooters, Bullet Train provides some fun while it lasts and an interesting gameplay setting, so it is definitely worth your time. Especially since it’s free to download (I feel that I must keep saying that).

Bullet Train is a student project done at Full Sail University and the game was created in 5 months. You can head over to Desura now and download this game for free. And don’t forget to share with us your thoughts on the project!