Zombies. We all love zombies, especially when they come in waves of hundreds and we can blast them away with our guns. And apparently indie dev Twin Drills knows that as they decided to bring us Zombie Grinder, an amazingly looking free to play game reminiscent of great classics like Zombies Ate My Neighbors. The amazing part? We’re talking here about a “cooperative multiplayer” offered for free. Which is for a gamer similar to offering a bottle of cold water to a man lost in the desert…

Zombie Grinder comes with some retro, pixelated visuals that will make some of the older gamers nostalgic and it also delivers a ton of green zombies to destroy at will. Apart from the classic arcade gamplay, Zombie Grinder is packed with must have game mechanics of today, like achievements, player ranking, customization of avatars, stats and other RPG elements and so on. And, of course, co-op multiplayer, which is amazing!

The game also offers wave maps and even the classic ‘pvp’ style game modes, so it’s a pretty interesting project – and one that is being offered to us as a free to play game.

So waste no more time, especially if you’re a fan of anything zombie and head over to Desura to download for free Zombie Grinder. Have fun!