Crafting items should be one of the main priorities you have in Project Zomboid, in your quest for survival. There are many items that can be used together to craft special items, like better weapons, barricades or even better food, and this guide I am sharing with you will certainly be valuable and save you the time required for trial and error gameplay. So read on this complete guide to crafting in Project Zomboid!

Please note that at the moment of writing this guide (for version 0.1.5) there are just 6 craftable items, but I will update this article when you items that can be crafted are released.

Here are the items that you can craft in Project Zomboid and want you need for them:

1. Pot of Soup. Requires 1 Cooking Pot, 1 Can Opener and 1 Canned Soup (which will be consumed). It’s also good if you put the pot of soup intro an oven and it reduces your hunger (and increases morale if heated)

2. Barricade. Requires Hammer and 2 Nails and 2 Planks, which will be consumed. Keeps the zombies away for a looong time

3. Door. Requires 4 Wood planks, 2 Door Hinges, 1 Doorknob and 5 Nails. All the items will be consumed. Can be used to replace a broken door.

4. Ripped Sheet (8 pieces). Requires 1 Bed Sheet. Can be used as bandage or for creating Molorov Cocktails as seen below.

5. Molotov Cocktail. Requires 1 Bed Shheet OR Socks OR Dish Towel, 1 Empty Bottle (remains after you drink whiskey) and 1 Gas Can. It’s a good and noisy weapon, but requires Lighter to be used.

6. Spiked Baseball Bat. Requires 1 Baseball Bat, 1 Nails, 1 Hammer. An excellent close range weapon.

And these are the 6 current craftable items in Project Zomboid. You will most likely have to craft them all to make sure that you survive for as long as possible in the game, so hopefully this will help!