As I have told you already, I totally love playing the indie survival RPG Project Zomboid and even though my best surviving streak is of “just” 107 days (if you played the game, you know that it’s pretty much anyway), I have decided to share with you some of my experience in surviving the zombie apocalypse by creating this article with Project Zomboid tips & tricks that we can turn into a real Strategy Guide for everybody to use.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that there are two ways of starting the game: either in the sandbox mode (when you will be randomly placed in a building in the city) or by starting the story, when you’ll start near the injured Kate. In all cases, your main goal would be that of getting a weapon (Baseball Bat, Axe, Hammer or even a Plank) to defend yourself and then start stocking up food. Basically these are the most important tips for survival, but they’re too generic, so let’s check out below a list of more in-depth tips and tricks for playing Project Zomboid.

1. First thing to do, wherever you start the game, is to look for supplies in the house you just started and take everything you can find (except for the useless pants, shoes etc).

2. Find a safe house where you build your “fort”. Ideally, you will go in a building with at least two floors (there’s a huge 7 stores mammoth in the south-eastern area that is great for creating a safehouse) and levels 4 and up won’t let zombies see you. Another good spot is the house you start the main story in, or the third house to it’s left.

3. Try to travel during the day as more zombies appear at night. Also, try to avoid the park in the middle as that is the spawning point of the zombies.

4. Know the main buildings for equipment – there is a warehouse in the lower right side of the town (south west), a food store just under the house with Kate and another tools shop to near the bank. You should get the items there to your safehouse and store them.

5. Which takes us to number 5 – don’t carry around too much because you’ll tire more quickly and your chances of outrunning the zombies are reduced.

6. Make sure to put planks or sheets on windows so that zombies can’t see inside. If they see, they will alert others and you will be in trouble.

7. It’s all about survival, so don’t do too many brave things – staying holed up in the tall building (level 4 and above) should give you at least a couple of safe months. Don’t go out unless necessary!

8. Don’t run and don’t use the shotgun too often. Noise attracts zombies (and noise means zombies trying to break down the door too) and the more there are attacking, the difficult it is for you to kill them.

9. Always be well fed before getting out or fighting zombies, to pack more power to your hits and tire less rapidly.

10. In my opinion, the best weapon is the Spiked Bat (see the Project Zomboid crafting guide), but if you don’t care that much about noise, you can do a hell lot of damage with a shotgun!

11. Make sure to get books and newspapers, because eventually you will become really bored in the game. At the moment, since no other interaction is possible, this is the only way to keep you entertained.

12. NEVER eat rotten food. You will get sick and die. Instead, cook the food and remember to always turn the over off, otherwise it will go on fire.

13. When dealing with a horde of zombies or just a big pack, a good strategy is to wait for them at the top of some stairs and take them out one by one or in front of a door. If you’re out in the wild, they will soon surround you and it will be game over.

14. Even if you are holed up in the 7 story building, check every now and then the lower floor. Looters might open the door and leave it open, allowing zombies to come in. You don’t want to wake up with a bunch of zombies chewing on your leg.

15. Sun comes up at 7AM, so if you have to go out, make sure you go around that time to have as much daylight as possible. Don’t let any zombies follow you to the safe house, or you’re screwed!

And these would be some pretty important tips and strategies to have in mind when trying to survive for as long as possible in Project Zomboid. If you have any other tips of your own, feel free to share them, I’m sure everybody will find them valuable!