The space strategy genre will get to a whole new level and fans of the genre should be really happy: Kalypso Media has just announced that four add-on packs will be published for Sins of a Solar Empire, but only dated the first one – sometime during the fourth quarter of 2008. The add-on will be available as download only via Stardock’s Impulse digital distribution service and it will cost £7.99 (about $13).

In Sins of a Solar Empire the future survival of the human race is at threat, with three mighty races fighting over control of the galaxy. Players have the opportunity to command one of these three races and attempt to survive and dominate the galaxy. Your success depends on your ability to govern your empire and to command your star-fleet. A finaly balanced combination of diplomacy, economics and military power are vital for gaining the upper hand and becoming Master of the Universe! And all will get a bit more difficult with these new add-ons.

The first one will include, among other things, Star Bases, race specific Star Bases which will have a unique variety of upgradeable characteristics, a new research feature limiting the number of Star Bases each gamer can control. To be honest, sounds more like a patch than a real add-on to me… but let’s hope that the “much more” thing promised by Kalypso will make the difference.