It appears that the family-friendly console from Nintendo, the Wii, is not as safe as you’d be tempted to believe – at least not if you have a big desire to become a Wii rockstar. According to several reports, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has decided to recall all the Rage Wireless Guitars for the Wii after one user got burn injuries following a battery leak.

The wireless guitars, which are sold for $40 to up to $80, are manufactured in China and it appears that the bad reputation Chinese manufacturers have is growing by the day. According to the US distributors of the guitars, about 57,000 units have already been sold, which means that many people can be injured. It was not reported, however, if there were other people injured by the wireless guitars.

So, if you are one of the owners of these guitars, it’s worth knowing that they might have defective circuit boards and it’s better and safer if you return them to the retailers – you’ll get a full refund for that, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.