Rockstar proves once again that it cares a lot about its games and fans: a Halloween event has already infested the Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer, turning characters into zombies and making sure that the fun factor reaches the highest levels. Although super-cool and definitely not a “borrowed” idea, this happening just a few hours after something similar happened in World of Warcraft kind of erases a bit of the “wow” this event should’ve provoked.

The zombie infection in GTA IV multiplayer follows the next pattern: the virus can be contracted in any and all multiplayer modes and is spread when an unsuspecting player kills someone who has the infection (the infected don’t necessarily have to be wearing the Zombie skin, some show no symptoms!) You will know for sure that you got infected if you gain access to the zombie skin and you’ll unlock the achievement “Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie”. And honestly now, this is a real treat from Rockstar and I think that many companies should learn a thing or two about that.

And since we’re talking about GTA IV now, here’s a friendly reminder for the PlayStation 3 owners of the game: this Halloween not only brings you zombies in Rockstar’s game, but achievements, too. These will go live on October 27 and you’ll have to do some serious playing to get all 51 of them!