With Halloween coming, there’s not one MMO out there not to come with some zombies, ghosts, ghouls and so on (or at least pumpkins). However, it was not very clear until now how will WoW celebrate, but now all things start to be clear: they’re turning players into zombies. Absolutely cool!

This unexpected event has to do with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and we’re happy to see that coming, too. Back to the event, you should know that it represents a first in the World of Warcraft history: you can now check the transformation technology by turning yourself into a zombie!

However, if you get infected, you can find a cure and get rid of the problem, but you have to do it quickly: you only have 10 minutes before turning (forever and ever) into a Ghoul. For example, infected crates in the town of Booty Bay give players ten minutes to be healed by one of the Argent Dawn healers. But don’t worry if you fail – at least you’ll get a new skill bar and new abilities, including the one of spreading the plague to others. Hopefully you won’t be limited to playing on Halloween only. Now just log into your account, because zombies and all the fun are in WoW now!