It’s best to try and find the top cheap players in Football Manager 2013 because these lads deliver great performances at a low cost, allowing you to either save some money for the future or invest in that big signing of the season. Either way, the FM 2013 Best Cheap Players list will help you choose from hundreds of great players that are a must for all teams. Add to that the fact that their market value is under 1 million EUROS (so in pounds, they’re even cheaper than the data below) and you have all the reasons to be happy.

Please note that I had started the game with a large database and the following leagues loaded: England, Italy, Spain, Holland, France and Russia (with no other additional players loaded).

So let’s check out below the Best Cheap Players in FM 2013!

FM 2013 Best Cheap Goalkeepers

George Forsith – 80K
Benjamin Siegrist – 160K
Kim yong Dae – 170K
Robert Zwinkles – 200K
Marian Kelemen – 300K
Jan Oblak – 300K
Heinz Lindner – 325K
Olivier Renard – 350K
Simone Colombi – 400K
Andris Vamins – 450K
Johan Wiland – 625K
Yann Sommer – 650K
Francesco Bardi – 750K

FM 2013 Best Cheap Central Defenders

Sebastien Sansoni – 40K
Miika Koppinen – 50K
David Henriquez – 50K
Sotiris Kyrgiakos – 110K
Ander Murillo – 110K
Pablo Mari – 130K
Erlend Hanstveit – 170K
Thomas Kleine – 210K
Jonas de Roeck – 210K
Pichu Atienza – 325K
Sergio Pelegrin – 350K
Valerica Gaman – 400K
Tomislav Miculic – 425K
Alberto Masi – 450
Erik Sviatchenko – 450 K
Michael Dingsdag – 475K
Bilel Ifa – 475K
Jagos Vukovic – 550K
Tomas Kalas – 550K
Fabio Pisacane – 600K
Bo Svensson – 700K
Jores Okore – 800K
Marcos Gonzales – 875

FM 2013 Best Cheap Right Fullbacks

Doke Schmidt – 150K
Jonny (Celta) – 325K
Zhivko Milanov – 400K
Oleg Veretilo – 500K
Mario Marin – 550K
Giulio Donati – 600K
Matthias Zimmerman – 600K
Gino Peruzzi – 750K
Alessandro Crescenzi – 875K

FM 2013 Best Cheap Left Fullbacks

Jeffrey Leiwakabessy – 80K
Paco Pena – 200K
Alessandro Longhi – 350K
Lubos Hanzel – 350K
Manuel Pamic – 475K
Nicolas Tagliafico – 550K
Carles Planas – 500K
Marvin Plattenhardt – 775K

FM 2013 Best Cheap Defensive Midfielders

Rodrigo Melendez – 40K
Juanjo Bezares – 120K
Arturo Sanhueza – 180K
Lorenzo Crisetig – 700K
Andre Hoffmann – 750K
David Mendes Da Silva – 875K
Moises Hurtado – 925K
Oliver Hein – 1M

FM 2013 Best Cheap Central Midfielders

Abdi Ibrahim – 8K
Tim Smolders – 200K
Bernd Thijs – 210K
Viktor Claesson – 250K
Oskar Hiljemark – 450K
Costin Lazar – 550K
Ian Black – 575K
Zakaria Labyad – 600K
Valerio Verre – 625K
Ruben Yttergard Jenssen – 825K

FM 2013 Best Cheap Right Wingers

Alvaro Vadillo – 425K
Giorgi Chanturie – 475K
Giorgios Efrain – 500K
Juanlu Hens – 625K

FM 2013 Best Cheap Left Wingers

Marcel Ritzmaier – 140K
Luca Garritano – 400K
Yacine Brahimi – 425K
Juan Quero – 475K
Carles Gil – 475K
Niklas Hult – 525K
Lenny Nangis – 575K
Christopher Dazan – 675K
Johann Berg Guomundsson – 750K

FM 2013 Best Cheap Strikers

Mauro Caballero – 30K
Fernando Uribe – 170K
Giancarlo Maldonado – 190K
Haritz Mujica – 250K
Samuele Longo – 400K
Memphis Depay – 400K
Alex Schalk – 575K
Maurice Exslager – 625K
Paulo Dybala – 800K
Andreas Cornelius – 825K

And this is it! This is my FM 2013 Best Cheap Players list, with answers for any position you might be needing a solid player for cheap. If you find this list useful, please give us just a second and share it on Facebook or Google Plus. Thank you and good luck!

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