The game might have been a miss this year, but Sports Interactive did their best to tune it and make it as good as possible. The long awaited 13.3.0 patch for Football Manager 2013 has been launched today and is most likely the last update this game receives, also including the latest transfers and updated squads.

There are also lot of fixes and changes brought in by the Football Manager 13.3 update, and you can check them out below:

– Fixed very rare crashes related to corrupted edited data
– Improved long term balance of players set piece attributes
– Fixed board not returning results for parent and feeder clubs after granting users request
– Prevented stadiums being used in international tournaments after clubs had moved out

FMC Specific
– Assistant now gives bias to player training focus based on position and role they are playing in
– Improved image selection on FMC News screens
– Removed ability to incorrectly offer coaching jobs when National Manager
– Fixed retiring players sometimes generating non-FMC staff roles.
– Improved player training feedback on Player Information screen
– Fixed user receiving news for players on inactive shortlist
– Decreased likelihood of Board continually expanding stadium capacity so soon after an expansion
– Board will now increase junior coaching and recruitment at their discretion
– Fixed Player Action to show “Approach to Sign” when user can offer them an end of contract transfer.
– All Player Interested unlockable fixes
– Fixed High Visibility incorrectly unlocking when winning Club World Championship Best Player
– Fixed rare case to ensure user fails Financial Storm challenge if they don’t make profit/reduce wage bill

– Improved season expectations when taking over a club mid-season
– Fixed instance when the board stated they were disappointed with winning the league
– Fixed board stating they are unhappy with only receiving a low fee when the player is sold for a very large amount of money
– Increased the chance of under-performing managers getting sacked at the end of the season

We also get a ton of competition tweaks and fixes, making FM 2013 the best possible football manager game on the market.

Please have in mind that if you want your game to reflect the latest changes, you must start a new game with the 13.3.0 database. All the other changes apply to old saves.