vending-machine-champOK, so it’s Friday, you’ve had a terrible day at work and you’d like to hit something (or somebody) that bad that you can barely sit on your chair. I have the perfect (and also 100% safe) answer for you: hit the vending machine and become the Vending Machine Champ in today’s recommended game for your five minutes break!

Vending Machine Champ is a free flash game that takes you deep inside the eternal struggle of man vs. machine (or, better said – vending machine). It’s not an easy job to defeat the little bugger that will simply refuse (like EVERY time) to give you the snack you have ordered. What to do, then? Enter the competition, pack a few good punches, do it quick and become the ultimate Vending Machine Champ. Easy and quite fun to play, especially after a tiresome day (or week) at work.

The gameplay is quite easy (but also charmingly fun): you have to use your mouse and click the indicated spots at the right time – and do it quick enough so you defeat the vending machine before the time expires. But don’t worry! Even if you don’t manage to do the right things, you’ll still going to have fun seeing your character suffer. Life’s tough!

The game is developed by adultswim and it is indeed a gorgeous flash comedy with really nice visuals and a sound that won’t drive you or your colleagues mad (it would be wise, though, to keep it off). And now practice your punch while the following link loads and you are ready to play Vending Machine Champ. Have fun!