warzone-tdWell, it’s been quite a while since I last played a TD game as great as Warzone Tower Defense (even though, strangely, I do believe that I have played this particular title sometime in the past, but can’t remember when or why haven’t I written about it). Oh, well… at least now I will right the wrongs and let all the tower defense fans know about this awesome title!

Available, of course, for free and playable without any downloads, Warzone Tower Defence is a great TD game set sometime in the future and thus featuring all sorts of impressive and heavy “critters” like heavy tanks, quick buggies and annoying armored planes. You also have an impressive arsenal to use, ranging from almost useless (but lightning fast) machine guns to cannons, turrets, flame throwers and even nuke strikes for when you’ve got nothing else left to use.

There are a few maps to choose from (which are pretty varied gameplay-wise) and the nice thing about Warzone Tower Defense is that it lets you play just as much as you have skills: you’re one of the tower defense gods? Than you will probably be able to play forever! You can even check out just how great you are by creating an account and comparing your survival stats with other players, or you can simply play just for fun, a great tower defense game like back in the good old days.

So go on, head over to Mad Cow Interactive and give Warzone Tower Defense a try. You won’t regret it!