railway-valleyToday’s free flash game of the day made me remember the good old days when I loved to play titles like Transport Tycoon or Railroad Tycoon. Basically, Railway Valley is exactly the same thing, but on a lower scale. However, since it’s a game we can play completely free from our browser, I think we can be satisfied with what it has to offer.

Railway Valley puts you in the shoes of a railway manager who has to make sure that the network connections are safe and in a good shape and that each train reaches the destination no matter what. And even though in theory it sounds simple, it is quite challenging – even on the easy level – and a joy to play, especially for those who consider trains and railroads the next big thing!

The replay value of the free flash game Railway Valley is decent enough – each time you start a new game you get a new map but eventually you might get a little bored with switching the crossing junctions on and off and repairing the damages of the earthquakes (who tend to occur terribly often). However, with its retro visuals and sounds, simple yet fun gameplay (and, strangely, at the same time challenging), Railway Valley is a nice tycoon title to play in your browser and a worthy winner of our flash game of the day award!

In order to give Railway Valley a try for yourself (and for free), follow the link to Kongregate.