farmville-cow-glitchWe all know that cheating is not nice and really we’re not winning anything in Farmville, which is a game that takes a lot of time to play, but right now I discovered a glitch in the game that makes it practically possible to fill your farm with cows if you have at least one!

So, how does this Farmville cow glitch work?

First, you need to own a dairy farm (or more) and have one cow in your gift box. It doesn’t matter if it’s a regular cow, pink cow or brown cow, all it matters is that there’s just one per category in your gift box (so one regular, one pink is ok; one regular, two brown or pink is not ok).

Next, click on the cow of your choice in the gift box and place it straight in your Dairy Farm. And keep doing so until the farm gets filled!

You can do so if you are fast enough with more farms – eventually, you will get an error message and your screen will refresh, removing the cow from your inventory, but keeping the ones in the dairy farms. Even more, one of my Farmville neighbors swears that she put brown cows in her farm and after the error occurred, the cows were ready for harvesting. Now that’s what I call some easy extra money!

Either way, one thing is sure: Zynga will certainly find out about this Farmville cheat sooner rather than later and they’ll fix it. So if you wish to take advantage, act fast!

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UPDATE: It appears that this cheat/glitch no longer works!


  1. yeps, i found the glitch the day it happened, and filled my farm with pink cows. i would fill the dairy farm, then empty it on my farm land.
    when it waitied till i found another pink one to adopt and then continued. i was over loaded with cows, because once your dairy farm is filled up you get 100 cows in there ready to be emptied on land.

    also its true, i could harvest the cows immediately every time they were in dairy farm and every time i took them and put them on land.

    I did not like the fact that i cheated, but hey collecting from 5000 animals for zoology ribbon would have been really frustrating if not for the glitch. :D


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