Ubisoft officials stated that Far Cry 2 will be available starting from 24 October 08 (although there are some rumors about a March release) on all major gaming platforms: PC, PS3 and XBOX 360.
Ubisoft announced that a collector’s edition will be also available with some really “cool features”. Basically, those “cool features” are a T-shirt, an art book, a map and a making-of DVD. Am I the only one who things that’s just bad marketing? I mean, no in-game bonuses, no nothing. But, hey, at least you’ll have one cool T-shirt, right?!

On a side note, John Parkes, EMEA Marketing Director, said that the action of Far Cry 2 will take place in Africa and each player will be able to choose how to play. In other words the game will be completely non-linear. You can make allies or even play sides against each other for your own benefit.

Of course Far Cry 2 promises photo-realistic graphics and some really cool features like: realistic physics and advance rendering systems for fire and weapons. For example, as I mentioned before the game takes place in Africa, if you light up a fire it will extend it self to the surroundings (any pyromaniacs out there, in the development team?!).

All these nice effects will have to be backed-up with some middle-to-high-end graphic card, a lot of RAM and a really bold dual-core.