Only a game developed for a zany, casual, childish console like Nintendo’s Wii could’ve come up with such a concept, rising in the shadows of the highly acclaimed Olympic Games in Beijing. I am talking about Farmyard Party: Featuring the Olympigs, the newest title to be released by Popcorn Arcade in collaboration with developers Data Design Interactive.

The game, just as the title suggests, presents us with a not so charming concept: we are pigs and we have to take part at the Olypig games. Tell that to a few dudes and chicks the Wii Fit is considering overweight and you’ll probably get your fair share of laughing, even though it’s not at all fun (nor funny). But we’re not game developers – they surely have their reasons to create such a strange game.

Although not intended for losing weight, Farmyard Party: Featuring the Olympigs brings us eight Olympigs events divided into four categories (all-round, speed, power, and skill) we’ll have to attend and try to win. Data Design Interactive promises we’ll have a hell of a time playing this funny little title, which can also be considered a party game, but we’re still a bit skeptical. Anyway, we are probably old, outdated and we totally lack a sense of humor…

Anyway, everybody interested in turning into a pig at the Farmyard Olympic Games should know that the game is anticipated to be released early next year and it will feature a 4 player multiplayer mode and tons of unlockables. Beef and chopsticks are probably not part of them.