Retro gaming is slowly turning into the next big thing and the game developers are under no circumstances going to miss such a big opportunity: to make some extra cash by re-releasing a bunch of old games. The fact is that we can’t blame them, since these new releases are generally updated to rise up to the standards of current-gen gaming and they offer a great overall experience.

Nintendo, for example, is offering on a weekly basis brand new titles for its Wii console and this week is very special since, thanks to the Hanabi Festival, big N decided to offer us a feast of titles.

First, we’ll get the chance to buy the action adventure Spelunker, initially published in ’87 for the NES. But since good adventures never get obsolete, we’ll surely enjoy the challenge of unraveling the secrets of an underground labyrinth, in our search for vast treasures and riches – everything available for exactly 600 Wii Points.

The next game offered for the joy of our Wii consoles is the cutesy DoReMi Fantasy: Milon’s DokiDoki Adventure, a musical action game developed by Hudson in which players embark on a magical quest to restore the happiness of their village by rescuing the fairy Aeris together with the songs and music from the surrounding forest. But if you’re willing to spend 900 points, you’ll see for yourself!

The Virtual Console will also receive an A-class treatment from Nintendo, as they will release two hot games to keep us busy all next week. The first title is Taito’s Chase HQ, an intense racing game which puts you in the shoes of an NYPD cop who has to catch the most dangerous criminals in the world: all for 600 Wii Points.

The last title to be released on the Virtual Console is the classic RPG Ys Book I & II, putting you in the shoes of a young swordsman who has to embark on a mystical quest to unlock the secrets of an ancient kingdom. Incorporating an exciting balance of brains and brawn, players must overpower the hordes of monsters that lurk in the caves – all for 800 Wii Points.