nintendo_wiiSummer might be still far away, but Nintendo doesn’t seem to care (or they just have a warm heart): they have released Summer Games II on Virtual Console and Bit.Trip Beat on WiiWare, two titles to keep us busy while the world crumbles outside. Ignorance is a bliss, after all and ignoring the nasty things while playing games is even more pleasant.

Bit.Trip Beat, developed by Aksys Games can be purchased for a mere 600 Wii Points. It is a rhythm game which can be played by uo to four players, one that brings retro action into the present, letting you use the motion-sensing Wiimote to bounce beats. Retro visuals, classic gameplay, four-player multiplayer and an 8-bit soundtrack will get you in the zone and rock your world – or so promise the developers!

Summer Games II, playable by up to eight players, is the classic title brought to the Virtual Console and available for purchase for 500 Wii Points. The game challenges your competitive skills with a series of summer athletic contests. Experience the excitement and realism of eight different events: cycling, equestrian, fencing, high jump, javelin, kayaking, rowing and triple jump. Practice each event to sharpen your skills, then choose from the 18 countries you can represent in the competition and have fun!