onslaught-wiiwareDuring the previous couple of weeks, we had fewer WiiWare and Virtual Console releases than usual, but we didn’t know that they were actually due to Nintendo focusing more on introducing a new platform to the Virtual Console list: the Commodore 64. Therefore, this week, we have no less than four new releases, one WiiWare shooter we’ve already talked about (Onslaught) and three Commodore 64 classics.

Onslaught, the WiiWare FPS developed by Hudson puts you in the middle of a futuristic war between humans and insectoid aliens. Your regular shooter game, which also features multiplayer modes for added fun. It can be purchased for 1,000 Wii Points.

The Virtual Console gets The Last Ninja, a martial arts game which puts you in the shoes of Armakuni, the last ninja on earth who has to revenge his murdered brothers. It won’t be an easy job, but if you’re willing to try it, you’ll have to pay 500 Wii Points.

International Karate, another martial arts title hitting the Virtual console (which can also be played in versus multiplater) simulates a karate tournament, the old fashioned way (don’t forget it’s a Commodore 64 title). You’re awarded points on how successful your hits are, and if you’re up for the challenge, you’ll have to first pay 500 Wii Points to get the game.

Finally, after so much violence and fighting, you’ll get your chance to test your driving skills in Pitstop II, a title which can also be played by up to two players and which costs 500 Wii Points. Pitstop II was the first game that brought serious auto racing action to the computer screen – the thrill of battling an opponent, the excitement of fighting for the lead out on the track, and the suspense of struggling to be the first out of the pits.