I must admit that Spore was my most anticipated game of the year and when I finally managed to get my hands on it, there was nothing in this world able to stop me from playing. So let me share with you the experience of the first 60 minutes with Spore or, in other words, a dream becoming reality. Or something like that…

09 AM: Wow, meteors, life forms, evolution – just as it was promised! Indeed, the church will be very pissed off!

09.02: I’ll be Mr. Nice Guy now (aka Pinkelia) – I’ll go for a full vegetarian creature.

09.07: Still cruising, but with an extra eye. The game looks pretty good and I’m still living the dream. I love eating all these greeny things and watch my creature grow bigger than any other… Ouch! It seems I was not the biggest, after all. Cool!

09.11: Boriiing. I should’ve gone for a carnivore cell, maybe I would’ve had some fun. Now I’m only a pink, stupid creature surrounded by some pink gas that keeps everybody away. Very boring.

09.14: Yes, finally, I can go to the next level!

09.14 (and 34 seconds): Cool… so this is how my creature evolved. I love it, the next stage is going to be so much fun!

09. 20: I have quickly created my new creature, I’m going for something a bit scary now. This stage will be played rough – no more Mr. Nice Guy for me! Let me show those rabbits who’s the boss.

09.21: OK, so you can die and start over. Not a big deal! I’m a friendly type of person, anyway, so I’ll stick to my vegan diet. Now, let me explore, gather stuff, do stuff. Show me the fun, Maxis!

09.37: I must admit that I am a bit disappointed. I keep walking in circles, gathering all sorts of items for my creature’s customization, I gather DNA points and such… but there is no real action here. I can dance, I can sing (I am the best singer on the planet, it appears) and sometimes I can strike a crappy pose nobody likes. Still, I have tons of friends on this island and a bunch of allies. Some giraffes and strange looking spiders are always mad and they attack me. Everybody seems to be just a bit more evolved than I am. But I keep dancing. Not enough action, not enough “new”.

09.44: Wow, cool! Something exploded in the sky and now burning pieces are hitting the planet! Pretty nice, I must say – there’s also a spaceship I found somewhere on the island and these are just a few of the things that keep you wanting for more, just when you start thinking that you should consider Spore a total fluke and start crying for your money.

09.52: God, I hate that huge brute that keeps eating my allies. Can’t they just run, like I do? They always die, stupid little rabbits…

09.56: This stage is almost done, everything in just one hour. The game moves pretty fast, at least for now and I’m thankful for that. I would’ve hated to spend 60 minutes eating pieces of green food as a cell. However, this is obviously a game to play online. But I don’t want to go online just yet – not until I get to see every stage first, at my own pace. It’s going to be a long day.

09.59: Yeah, right! I was going to save the game and that huge brute just stepped on me. I’m going to get bigger than you are, you beast. Do you hear that? I’ll be back!