We have heard all sorts of rumors during the past few months regarding the Nintendo DS, and big N is definitely up for something, no matter if it is a new-gen NDS, an extra-lite version or just another color model. The latest so-called strong rumor refers to a Nintendo DS with widescreen support (yes, the same one that was expected to be announced during this year’s E3 media summit). But just as it usually happens, there is no official word on the matter.

However, IGN is reporting it has word from unnamed sources regarding Nintendo’s plans to release sometime during next spring a new version of the handheld, which will come with dual touch screen functionality and widescreen displays. It is unclear at the moment if this new display mode will offer backwards compatibility or only new titles will have new aspect ratios. Also, it is still widely unclear if this new model would be the DS2 everybody is waiting for. So all we have to do now is wait for Nintendo to make an official announcement – most probably during this year’s Tokyo Game Show, which starts on October 9.

Photo credits: Widescreen DS mockup by gizmodo.