Many fans of handheld consoles are already expecting to see Nintendo releasing a DS 2 or something like that, but big N seems to have no plans to turn the current number one portable gaming platform into “last-gen”. Even more, the manufacturing company has announced that they’re planning to release a new Lite model of the Nintendo DS in North America, and they promise it’s going to become a perfect home for your Pokemon Diamond or Pearl (yes, we know, we love these games, too!)

So… to get straight to the facts, Metallic Silver will join the Nintendo DS color palette this September 7 and, in order to promote it, the company has hired nobody else by Liv Tyler and it’s printing the ads as we speak. So I guess it’s pretty obvious that the NDS ain’t going anywhere. Which is kind of OK, if we take into consideration that it comes with both Pokemon extravaganza and Liv Tyler’s support.