wiiplaThe little, bestselling toy from Nintendo – the Nintendo Wii is not as harmless and innocent as it first appears to be: it’s quite dangerous, actually! You shouldn’t panic, however – if you play your games as you should and don’t get too excited, you’ll keep your body parts intact but if you don’t…

According to a report from Newslite, 10 Brittish people are being hospitalized each week following injuries caused while playing the Nintendo Wii. The main reason behind the injuries is the fact that people tend to stretch more than their body allows them to, and these sudden movements and violent tendon stretching can cause a lot of unwanted problems.

Actually, the doctors have noticed that our joints are most affected by playing the Nintendo Wii, with knees and elbows being the most injured parts after a virtual bowling or tennis session. However, on rare occasions, the doctors met patients who had dislocated their knee caps or popped them out completely!

With Christmas near by and parents ready to prove their kids that they can match their skills at playing the Wii, doctors are anticipating an increase in Wii-related injuries, but you should prove them wrong: if you’re not to fit, make sure you go for a 5 minute-long warm-up session before starting the game and while playing, don’t get too excited and try to stay calm – your health is at stake!