The coupleWhat a world we’re living in! A spoiled little guy in Portsmouth, New Hampshire got mad this Christmas after he received a Nintendo Wii he had not asked for and ended up beating up his girlfriend… and there are so many people in the world which would’ve loved receiving a Wii for Christmas!

Heath Blom, technically an adult since he’s aged 26 (but acts as if he was 10), wished to get for Christmas a $1,000 airplane from his grandparents, but got a Wii instead, the Boston Herald reports. The guy got mad and started to fight with his girlfriend, 24 years old Randi Young who eventually decided it was enough and started to pack her things, wishing to leave the brat alone.

But Heath thought that his girlfriend actually plans to steal his console (you know, the one he didn’t want in the first place!) so he started to pull the girl’s hair and a fist fight between the two allegedly ended in a two-story tumble down the stairs. Police was called by the grandparents and things were sorted out. Hopefully the was stuffed into the guy’s mouth, too.

Still, Randi Young’s conclusion stays: “This was the worst Christmas ever,” she said.