germany-flagGermany has always been very strict when it came to computer and video games with violent content, and most of the games had to be edited and censored in order to be retailed in Germany. Things might change drastically and into worse from a gamer’s point of view since various reports suggest that the country is considering banning both the selling and the production of violent video games.

The decision, backed up by all 16 of Germany’s Interior Ministers will most likely be voted soon and, from what the reports say, it doesn’t look good for the gamers and the developers.

All this madness started on March 11 when a 17 year old teen shot and killed 15 people before killing himself. Reports stated that the boy was playing games like Counter Strike and Far Cry 2. Reports didn’t state that half of the population of his age plays or played these games and other more violent ones. Reports also didn’t state that in such video games you’re shooting at enemies and you never commit suicide. Of course, we sometimes need something to blame and we usually find something, even though it might not be connected with the problem.

Either way, one thing is clear: Germany is considering to ban the violent computer and video games forever, and if they do that, we might consider this the greatest blow for the games industry ever. Most certainly, frustrated and disgusted, the German people will start watching UFC, K1, Wrestling and the Saw series on TV, because all these are harmless and non-violent.