If we are to pick just one of the reasons why the Nintendo Wii console is enjoying such success, we’d clearly pick the motion sensing capabilities of the Wiimote controller. The company seems to know that thing and, even though their console tops the hardware sales charts, there is still room left for improvement – and that’s exactly what Nintendo wants to do.

It means that big N is now planning to improve the efficiency and sensitivity of the Wiimote by upgrading (or completely changing) the accelerometer – the little chip inside the controller that’s actually the one responsible for the whole motion capturing process.

It’s worth noting that Nintendo has already proved its intentions of providing the best accessories to their customers by introducing the MotionPlus controller which added extra position sensitivity and horizontal rotation. Now the company just plans to go to the next level – and there will surely be some competition between the companies who would love to have their chips in new Wiimotes.