Since the popular Guitar Hero franchise is still generating obscene amounts of income to Activision, developing a similar game that focuses on another highly popular music genre seems the next thing to do. And this is exactly what Activision plans to do by bringing us DJ Hero – a game which, even though not yet confirmed officially by the publishers, was confirmed by numerous other sources.

The latest rather official one to confirm the development of DJ Hero is top DJ Tiesto, who made the announcement via his newsletter:

“Tiesto has teamed up with the game developer Activision and their latest project DJ Hero. I am very excited about this! I think this is a great way to introduce people into DJing. Maybe they realize it’s not as easy as they think. I am sure this brings new fans to the scene, dance music is not far from hip-hop for example. Hopefully the music I have composed appeals to all kinds of fans!”

So it appears that Activision are already preparing the big names for the upcoming release of DJ Hero which, according to previous reports will ship with a turntable system peripheral. Another cow to be milked by the company? Probably, but as long as the game will be as fun as Guitar Hero, not many people will mind.