2009 seems to be the year of release for Starcraft 2, which means that Diablo 3 could wait until 2010. The release date for Starcraf 2 was confirmed by Philip Earl – managing director of Activion Blizzard – to the “Activate Asia Pacific” conference in Auckland, New Zealand.
However it’s well know the policy of Blizzard not to launch a game until it’s ready, so we might not see Starcraft 2 until 2010. That also means that Diablo 3 will be postponed, being well known that StarCraft 2 is ahead of Diablo 3 in the development cycle.

Frank Pears – Blizzard co-founder – said for Videogaming247 that there isn’t enough time now to add a 4th race to the game, but in the event of an expansion pack the 4th race will be included. I would like to add that this expansion pack will be launched even if it will be only for marketing reasons, so don’t worry, we will see for sure a 4th race in the game.